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If you want to install new shower times for your home, I provide top-notch, long-lasting services.

Offering Durable Shower Tile Solutions for Your Home in Leesburg, FL

When you’re looking for the perfect shower tile, you want something that will stand up to the test of time. You want something that will look good no matter how many years you use it. And you want something that won’t fade or chip when it gets wet.
With Ayers Floors and More’s shower tiles, you can have all of these things—and more! I work with residential property owners in and near Leesburg, FL. Get in touch with me to learn more!

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Bathroom Flooring That Fits Your Needs

Many companies use gypsum with a sheet of waterproofing that wears away with time, causing the backing of your tile to collapse; some companies use a concrete backer board that also absorbs water and the screws used to hold it in place eventually rust. I use something superior—a waterproof wall material that is completely waterproof; it’s a rubberized product with a felt liner that ensures that you will have no water absorption. Putting up this superior material will ensure that your bathroom floor tile installation will last.

I can do elaborate patterns and provide you with beautiful shower tiling that will wow you. Moreover, I clean everything up when I’m done, so you don’t have to. My bathroom tile flooring service leaves no debris on site, so you have a clean space when the project is completed.

Receive Superior Shower Floor Tile Solutions

I carry a wide selection of styles and colors, so no matter what kind of shower you’re looking to re-tile or what kind of look you’re going for, I have something that’s right for your home. I’m equipped to help residential clients in or near Leesburg, FL. Call today to learn more!

Gorgeous and Durable

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I’m prepared to install the most suitable tiles for your shower.